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Hansteps starts operation at 2:30pm everyday on school days, and 7:30am on non- school days. Our program operates all year round except on public holidays.

Our activities includes but not limited to the following:



Hansteps serves full lunch to the afterschool children. Lunch is served right from the time the children arrive.


Every child has to complete homework at Hansteps. Our goal is to make hard working parents go home and relax without worries over homework completion. So homework is our number one priority.

Physical Activities

Our physical activities include: Dance, Yoga for children, ball rolling, basket ball, indoor golf for children, musical chair dance, art and craft, bicycling, Jump rope, movies etc.

snack Time

After physical activities end at 5:30pm, children take their seat for their snack time, T.V and while dismissal goes on as well.

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We are your No. 1 choice. Your child will have his/her best with us.



Our care givers are passionate about kids. They are driven by there passion for kids. No one can handle your kids as they would.



They are self motivated and trained to bring out the best in your kids.



We engage your kids with alot creative games and fun filled activities. This strategy is employed by us not only to engage your kids, but to also ignite and develop the creative ability in them.

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whatever service you particularly want your children to experience, we are here to make it happen.
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