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'Hansteps AfterSchool' is a family

Hansteps is an afterschool program licensed by New York state department of Health in November of 2005 to children from k – 6.

We incorporated tutoring into our afterschool program when we realized how badly a lot of the children needed help in both math and reading. We give 100% assistant in homework to reinforce what the children are learning on daily basis.

The afterschool session starts at 2:30 pm to 5:45 pm. During this time, lunch is served, homework is done, and snacks are served. Also, after homework is done, children are engaged in light activities till all other children are done with

Hansteps has been providing these services to the families of the school districts in which we are located. Currently, we are serving children from P.S 6, P.S 397, Explore Chartered School, Exceed Chartered School, Ascend Lower Chartered School and P.S. 92. We are currently expanding our services to the Ascend Chartered School Upper.

Even though our tutoring program uses the children’s homework to tutor the children, we have made a lot of positive impact in the educational growth and in the test scores of the children that have encountered our program.

The gratitude families have shown to us for the progress we have made and still making in their
children gives us confidence to continue to do the best for the children in our community.

Parents of the children in the program can call the director’s direct personal cell phone for any question and concern they might have anytime from 10:00 am to 10 pm Monday to Saturday.
Our program accepts HRA, ACS, 1199 Vouchers and Debit or Credit Card.



We have the best hands handling your children. Your children are
Happy, Safe and Sound with us.



We are focused in bringing out the best in your child. We identify, feed and grow the God-given potentials  our kids



We are serious minded people, ready to work very hard to meet your expectation.

“Together, we will forge a safe and wonderful school year for your child.”

Adeola Aderin

We are here for you

This website was developed not only to have an online presence, but to make it possible for parents to reach us conveniently.
It is our intent to give parents the most concise, accurate, and thorough knowledge of the program, so that they may consult this website to routinely reachout where necessary.
We fully understanding that you trust us enough to place the very life of your child in our hands daily. Our expectation therefore is that parents will aid in the overall safety, supervision and structure of the program, by observing all of the program’s policies.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We are here because of you